How to Get a Work Permit in Turkey?

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Regarding work permit in Turkey, one of the main concerns is finding a job and obtaining a work permit in Turkey. For this reason, although there are no job finding or work permit application services on the Turkish real estate site, we tried to serve you in this section because most of our customers want to get more information on this subject.

Do You Need a Work Permit in Turkey?

By law, you need a work permit to work in Turkey as a foreigner, and simply living in Turkey does not allow you to work in Turkey, even if you have purchased property.

How to Get a Work Permit in Turkey?

You can get a work permit in Turkey in 2 ways.

The first is to work in a place where your employer applies for a work permit, insures you, and you can work legally. To do this, you must start working in a place that requires your expertise and where at least 5 Turkish employees work at that location so that your employer can legally apply for your work permit.

The second legal way to get a work permit in Turkey is to create a business, that is, become an employer yourself, establish a company and have 5 insured Turkish employees, and then you can officially apply for a work permit for yourself.
Turkey has a broad legal infrastructure to encourage both local and foreign workforce. There are certain procedures for foreigners who want to obtain a work permit in Turkey. Here are the steps to follow to obtain a work permit in Turkey:

How to Apply for a Work Permit?

For foreigners who have a residence permit in Turkey for at least six (6) months, their employers can apply for a work permit online to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

In cases where there is no residence permit, the foreign employee must apply for a work visa by applying to the foreign representative of the Republic of Turkey in his country of nationality. Then, he must inform his employer in Turkey of the 16-digit reference number given to him and the employer must apply for a work permit online to the Ministry with this number.


  1. Before applying, the workplace SSI e-declaration user who will create the workplace registration must have an electronic signature in his/her name.
  2. An employment contract is drawn up and signed by both parties. Employment contract samples are available on the site. (For international applications, this contract must be signed in advance and submitted to our foreign representative office when requesting a work visa.)
  3. All transactions regarding applications are carried out with electronic signature through the e-government system.
  4. Application forms, petitions or any other documents will not be sent to our General Directorate.
  5. The application will be made online via the e-Government portal ( or by the employer or the foreigner who will work independently.

Applications for work permits and time extensions to work in the free zone are made to the Ministry of Commerce. (Except for those under temporary protection)

First Stage: Creation of Employer Registration

There are 3 types of employer records in the system.

  1. Home Services Employer (With the Employer’s TR Identity Number)
  2. Self-Owned Foreigner (with Foreign TR ID Number starting with 99)
  3. New Workplace / All Companies (With the 26-digit SSI registration number of the workplace and by the SSI e-declaration user)

Second Stage: Work Permit Application

After employer registration, you can proceed to the work permit application step.

Application Types

  1. First Domestic Application: This is the application made for foreigners who have a valid residence permit in our country for at least six (6) months. In this case, the applicant’s T.R. Foreign Identification Number starts with 99.
  2. First Application Abroad: If the foreigner does not have a residence permit, he/she must apply to the Republic of Turkey in his/her country of citizenship. He/she goes to the foreign representative office and applies for a work visa. The applicant has a 16-digit reference number obtained from the foreign representative office.
  3. International Protection Application: This is the application made for foreigners who are under international protection in our country and have this status. The applicant has an international protection residence permit.
  4. Temporary Protection Application: This is the application made for foreigners of Syrian nationality who are under temporary protection in our country. The applicant has a temporary protection residence permit.
  5. Extension Application: It is the application made to extend the ongoing work permit received from the Ministry. This application must be made within 2 (two) months before the previous permit expires.

These application types have varied depending on the different statuses of foreigners in Turkey. Preparing documents appropriate to the relevant application type and submitting the application on time will contribute to the smooth progress of the process. Detailed information about applications and required documents can be accessed on the Ministry’s official website.

How long is the work permit valid?

In Turkey, the application for a work permit is first made for one year. You can then re-apply for a one- or two-year extension. In Turkey, work permit cards are blue and different from residence cards.

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Why is it important to have a work permit in Turkey?

Having a work permit in Turkey allows you to both reside legally and work legally. You will benefit from social security insurance and will also be able to enjoy the benefits of having a credit card bank. However, the most important advantage of having a work permit is that you can apply for Turkish citizenship after 5 years.

But along with the notable advantages, you should also know some disadvantages. Remember that illegal methods of obtaining invalid cards will only waste your time and money. There are many people who, at great expense, not only fail to obtain a valid card authorization but also waste their time. Therefore, we recommend that you be careful and consult reputable companies on this issue.

Work permit applications are made via the website

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