What is a Building Permit and How to Obtain It?

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In this article, you will find detailed information about the building permit process. You will learn what the license means and how and where you can get it step by step. You will find important information about the license required to start your construction project.

What is a Building Permit?

It is the document required to legally start a construction project. This document is an official document that gives permission to build and use the building. It is issued by municipalities or relevant building inspection institutions that check the suitability of construction plans. A building permit is necessary to ensure that structures are built in accordance with technical and safety standards. A building permit is a document that is officially approved before a building is built. This document is obtained from the relevant municipality and confirms that the structure to be built complies with certain standards.

What are the places to apply for building permits?

The license application may vary depending on the region and local governments where your construction project is located. Generally, applications must be made to municipalities or relevant building inspection institutions.

When submitting your application, certain documents and information may be requested. Make sure you provide these documents in full and that your application complies with the regulations.

You can start the approval process of your construction project by applying to the municipality or building inspection authority where you will apply.

Below is a list of places to apply:

  • If your building is within the borders of the municipality, the Municipality to which it is affiliated
  • If your building is outside the municipal borders, Governorships

What are the documents required for a building permit?

The documents required to apply for a building permit may vary from municipality to municipality, but in general the following documents may be requested:

Petition: A petition containing the applicant’s name, surname, contact information and basic information about the structure.

Photocopy of Identity Card: Photocopy of the applicant’s identity card.

Title Deed and Consent: The title deed document for the land on which the building will be built and, if any, consents obtained from other stakeholders.

Project Report: Project report containing technical details such as architecture, statics, electricity and mechanics. This report should include details and suitability of the structure.

Ground Survey Report: Ground survey report of the land on which the building will be built.

Environmental Planning Permits: Environmental planning and zoning plan compliance documents.

Building Inspection Company Report: The report of the building inspection company that checks and inspects the technical suitability of the project.

Construction Cost and Fees: A document containing the cost of the project and receipts showing that the necessary fees have been paid.

Drawings and Maps: Architectural, static, electrical and mechanical drawings, as well as maps of the land where the project will be implemented.

Power of Attorney (If available): Power of attorney of the person making the application on behalf of the applicant, if any.

Before applying for a permit, it is important to obtain the full list of documents from the local municipality or relevant building inspection authority. This way you can submit a complete application and speed up the process.

How to Obtain a Building Permit?

1- Project Preparation: The first step is to prepare the project of the building. This project should include technical details such as architecture, statics, electricity and mechanics. Projects must comply with relevant technical standards and local regulations.

2- Application Process: Along with the prepared project, the documents required for the construction permit are prepared and an application is made to the relevant municipality. The municipality examines the project and accepts the application if it finds it suitable.

3- Examination and Evaluation: The Municipality examines the applied project in detail. If there is any deficiency or incompatibility in the project, correction is requested by the relevant authority. If the documents requested in the files submitted to the municipality are submitted completely and completely, the construction permit will be delivered within an average of 30 days.

4- Signing the Building License: After the project is approved by the municipality, the owner of the building or the person authorized by him applies to the municipality to obtain the building license. Necessary fees and taxes are paid, then the building permit is issued and signed.

5-Construction Process: After the building permit is obtained, the construction process begins. The licensed construction must be completed within 5 years. Again, after receiving the permission, construction must begin within 2 years at most. During the construction process, work must be done in accordance with the determined project and if any changes are to be made, approval must be obtained from the municipality.

Obtaining a license ensures that construction is carried out in accordance with the law and minimizes various risks. Starting construction without obtaining a permit may cause legal problems and cause the project to be stopped. Therefore, it is important to obtain a building permit and the process must be followed correctly.

Your applications; You can also fill out the building registration application petition completely and pay the building registration certificate fee via https://www.turkiye.gov.tr/.

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