Türkiye Wind Energy Ranks Fifth in Europe

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According to the Turkish Wind Energy Association, 79 companies operating in the field of wind energy have exported equipment and parts of power plants and wind turbines to 44 countries on six continents this year, ranking fifth in Europe.

About 8.5 percent of the electricity generated in Turkey through wind energy and its use in the country reduced the import of natural gas by about $ 1 billion. Thus, by the end of the year, the total wind power of Turkey is expected to reach 10,000 MW.

On the other hand, this year’s goal of the Turkish wind energy industry was to increase the additional capacity of 2,500 MW of electricity through renewable energy, but this goal is expected to reach the level of 1200 MW due to the effects of the Corona virus epidemic.

According to the report, Turkey ranks fifth in Europe in terms of equipment production in this sector with significant progress in the wind energy industry.

Hakan Yildirim, President of the Turkish Wind Energy Congress, said in an interview with Anatolia: “This year, we produced a 2,500-megawatt turbine for a project, and all parts of this turbine were produced in our country.”

Türkiye wind energy in numbers

  • 11944 MWm total power
  • 274 Switchboard
  • 4198 Number of Installed Turbines
  • 11.11% Electricity Generation Rate from Türkiye Wind Energy in 2021
  • 920 MWm Power of Power Plants Under Construction
  • 33 Number of Wind Power Plants Under Construction


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