Turkish Citizenship

To foreigners who buy at least USD 400,000 worth of real estate in Turkey and commit to buying a property worth USD 400,000 from the notary Turkish Citizenship is granted.

Turkey is a country with more flexible and more comfortable conditions for granting citizenship than other countries. There are conditions for obtaining citizenship. As of 19.09.2018, those wishing to become Turkish citizens must have at least $400,000 worth of real estate.

By investing in real estate in Turkey, you can have a Turkish Passport with the right to live, work and have easy access to the countries of the Schengen area. You can benefit from working, business building, training and health services in Turkey. If you purchase at least $400,000 worth of real estate from any part of Turkey, you may qualify for Turkish citizenship.

Just give us the property you’re looking for and your preferred area. With our professional team, we will prepare a portfolio of selected properties according to your needs.After completing your real estate investment, you will have the right to apply for Turkish citizenship. The Turkish Properties team will provide guidance on the management of your property and at all stages of your Citizenship application.

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Steps to buy property

Property must be assessed by the land title office and authorized real estate valuation companies. The real estate valuation expert will prepare a report on the deed of the property, the entire legal document/project of the building or project, the number of apartments on each floor, internal/external photographs of the property being assessed, as well as the price of the property being assessed. The purchased property value should not be less than USD 400,000.

Tax number will be obtained from the tax office

T.C. bank account should be opened.

The passport will be translated and notarized by the Notary.

it will be issued for the signing of the purchase agreement with the seller and the reservation

In order for the bank receipt to be added to the title file, the amount must be transferred to the seller via bank transfer. Before issuing the title deed, a commitment not to sell the property within 3 years, called annotation in Turkish, will be added. A sworn translator will meet at the land registry office to sign the documents to be translated, and finally, the title deed of your new house will be taken on the same day.

Turkish Citizenship Steps

In order to request a short-term residence permit for foreigners who have im/her property in Turkey, the property must be residential and used for this purpose. Family members (the applicant’s wife, children under the age of 18 and adult children dependent on family members) may apply for residence permits within other family members if they have the right to shared or uni-union ownership of the residence.

The documents requested during the application,

1 – Residence Permit Applicat
ion Form
2 – Original and photocopy of passport or replacement document (pages treated with credentials and the page where the photo is lo
3 – Four (4) photos (taken in the last 6 months, the fund must be white and biometric.)
4 – Marriage certificate if the applicant is married or document proving that he/she is married (copy of the original document and the first
3 pages)
5 – If the applicant has children, the children have a passport or national ID card, if one of the parents has died, the other spouse must present a death certificate, and if the parents are divorced, the children’s approved custo
dy certificate
6 – Declaration that there is sufficient and regular financial means to stay (declared on the application form.)
7 – Current health insurance
8- The original title deed that shows that the residence belongs to the applicant

Documents that must be obtained at the time of application in order to gain Turkish citizenship;

  1. Application Form
  2. 2 photos (white background and biometric)
  3. Credentials and Passport (Notarized Turkish Translation)
  4. Health report
  5. Document showing the marital status of the applicant, marriage certificate if married, wife and child(s) population certificate, if any
  6. If the applicant is divorced, the document showing his marital status, and the widow’s death certificate
  7. Document that shows custody of children under the age of 18(s) who are in custody of the applicant in order to gain Turkish Citizenship (Notarized Turkish Translation)
  8. Population certificate of relatives who are Turkish citizens if the applicant has one person (provided they are close to the 1st or 2nd degree)
  9. If the applicant’s birth year is known only, if there is no month/day information, obtaining an official document from his/her country for inclusion

With the necessary documents for the application to obtain Turkish Citizenship, an application is made to the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs. For smooth and fast progress of transactions, it should be noted that all documents are delivered in full.

By the commission designated by the relevant Ministries, the citizenship application is evaluated and presented to the Presidency for approval.

The applicant is called by the nearest provincial police department in the process of approval for fingerprinting and interviewing.

The decision is made by the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey within 45 days.


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