Turkey’s most beautiful seaside town kash


Turkey’s most beautiful seaside town kash

Kas is one of the most beautiful seaside towns in Turkey, one of the indispensable addresses of holidaymakers where you can enjoy the sea with nature to the fullest.

Kaş is one of the rare districts of Antalya, located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Kas, which has a coastline of 70 km to the sea, is located between Demre and Fethiye at the western end of Antalya.

Turkey’s most beautiful seaside town kash

Founded in the 4th century BC, the ancient Lycian city of Antiphello was established as the port of Phellos above Kas Antiphello, and during the Hellenistic period it became a rich port city thanks to the trade of cedar trees, which were founded in the region, and eventually became independent by leaving Phellos. The historical ruins of the city of Phellos (stony country) are still 11 km away from the center. Over the years, the City of Antiphellos has been under the eyebrow and the historical buildings that still prove it now include the ancient theatre in the center, the king’s sarcophagus in the Long Bazaar, various rock tombs, temple foundations.

You can reach Kas, which has a very important place in Turkey in terms of tourism, by plane or by road. The nearest airport to Kas is dalaman airport in Dalaman district of Mugla. Transportation from the airport to Kash is 150 km from the road. If you wish, you can use Antalya airport and reach Kasha by land at a distance of 200 km.


Kash allows you to have an unforgettable holiday and adventure with its ancient cities, historically important roads, natural wonder beaches, canyons, waterfalls, nature/sea sports and caretta carettas.

We recommend your joint in the places below that we will count below to the list of things you should do with the stamp.

1 – Kaputaj beach,which is a very special beach that bears the thousand and one colors of turquoise. Which is the subject of many postcards in Turkey. It is home to thousands of tourists every year.

2 – You can kayak over the sunken ancient city of Simena in Kekova, which was submerged as a result of the earthquake.

3 – You can dive with caretta carettas and discover a thousand different types of fish.

4 – Kaleköy,accessible only by sea. Since this is a peninsula and only a goat’s road, this village can be reached by boat. The peninsula with many restaurants and hotels has a magnificent view.

5- Kaş Long Bazaar where you can shop

6 – Aslanlı Sarcophagus, an important sarcophagus from the 4th century BC, at the end of the long bazaar street

7 – The Small Pebble area is one of the places where tourists spend a lot of time with restaurants and hotels

8 – Great Pebble is one of the bays with many cafés 50 km long that can be reached by car or on foot 1.5 km from the center

9 – Ancient City of Antiphellos,10 km from the center of Itch. The ancient theatre with 26 seating rows has an exquisite view

10 – The closest location to the island of Itch Meis is the Cuttleb peninsula. Where carob, thyme and olives are concentrated, there are 2 beaches on the island.


11 – Limanağzi Beach,one of the famous beaches of Itch. You can reach it by foot or by boat via the Lycian way.

12 – Kalkan Kaşn is one of the small fishing villages of the historical houses of the Greeks. Which has now been converted into a hotel.

13 – The ancient city of Pera is known as the birthplace of Apollo. There is patara beach, which is named after him.

14 – Kekova, there is no settlement in this protected place. There are 8 ancient cities and 1 beach in the mediterranean coast.

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