Turkey’s exports reached a record level of Kocaeli province

Kocaeli ili, Kocaeli province, قياسي, کوجاایلی, 科贾埃利省, Коджаэли

Turkey’s exports reached a record level of Kocaeli province

Industrial and port city of Kocaeli, according to the Exporters Association of Turkey, especially in October reached its highest level with the rapid recovery of the year with 1 billion 324 million 664 thousand dollars in the automobile sector. Thus, 10-month export volume was recorded as 9 billion 594 million 954 thousand dollars.

Exports from the province, which reached $ 1.289 billion in January, rose to about $ 1 billion in February and March due to the coronavirus epidemic. Exports reached a record low of $ 436 million in April, but after the corona eased, exports rose again this month.

Exports from the state were $ 625 million in May, 867 million in June and $ 940 million in July. Exports also declined to $ 777 million in August and to $ 1,224,981,000 in September. January-October period of 6 billion 595 million 664 thousand dollars counted export seventy percent yapıldı.

türkiye gateway by companies operating in the automotive and chemical sectors which and Europe’s seventh largest port of Kocaeli 35 ports around Izmit port city of province facility. Exports were made to 180 countries from this region in the first ten months of this year.

In this period, England made the most exports from Kocaeli with 815 million 711 thousand dollars. Slovenia ranks second with 747 million 552 thousand dollars and Germany with 735 million 700 thousand dollars. It is followed by Belgium with 619 million 965 thousand dollars, Italy with 576 million 27 thousand dollars and France with 556 million 284 thousand dollars.

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