Top 4 Food Apps in Turkey

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Food Apps alternatives may be the best option to eat with a rich menu when you return home after a busy day, when you do not feel like preparing a meal at home, or when you are working in the office. There are various food apps that bring the flavors of world cuisines to your home and office, with the participation of many restaurants. These applications display restaurant options for you, along with their menus, that are close to your location. In this way, it ensures that the flavors that suit your taste reach you in a short time.

Which Dishes to Order Online in Turkey?

In Turkey, both traditional dishes of Turkish cuisine and options from world cuisine can be ordered online. You can consume flavors that suit your taste in your meals with the best food apps you choose for yourself. The most ordered dishes online in Turkey can be listed as follows:

  • Pizza
  • Döner
  • Hamburger
  • Appetizers with olive oil
  • Raw meatballs
  • Grilled meat balls
  • Famous flavors of Turkish cuisine
  • Desserts such as baklava and cake

You can choose your favorite meal by using the filtering options on the food ordering application you have installed on your mobile devices. For example, when you want to order pizza for yourself and your family for dinner, you can search for a product prepared with the ingredients you want in the filtering section of the food apps. Thus, by viewing the pizzerias closest to you, you can have your food delivered to you within minutes.

Top 4 Food Apps in Turkey

The 4 best applications for ordering food in Turkey are Getir Yemek, Yemeksepeti, Trendyol Yemek, İsta Gelsin. These applications list restaurants suitable for your location and offer various privileges to users. Food Apps alternatives and privileges offered to users are listed below:

Getir Yemek:

getir yemekGetir Yemek is among the most popular applications with its features such as special campaigns for its users, filtering options, fast delivery, and 24/7 customer support service. Your meals are delivered to you by the restaurants’ own couriers as well as by the teams working within Getir Yemek. You can easily track the time your food will arrive with the food ordering application, which also offers the opportunity to monitor the real-time locations of Getir Yemek couriers. In case of emergency, you can contact the Getir Yemek courier via the application.

Yemek Sepeti:

yemek sepetiYemeksepeti, which acts as a bridge between customers and restaurants all over Turkey, offers advantages to its users with special campaigns for certain days and amounts. At the same time, users can comment on the restaurant they will order from and list the restaurants according to their scores.


Trendyol Yemek:

trendyol yemekTrendyol Yemek is one of the applications that attracts attention with its coupon campaigns that make you earn more as you order. When you log in to the application, you can view the restaurants by choosing the ones you want from options such as burger, doner kebab, patisserie and bakery. The app has a strong courier network that will bring your order to your doorstep in minutes.


Tıkla Gelsin:

tıkla gelsin yemekTıkla Gelsin, one of the top 4 ordering applications, delivers your orders from brands such as Arby’s, Burger King, Sbarro, Usta Dönerci. One of the biggest advantages of the application is that it offers mobile payment option to users.



Advantages of Using a Food Apps in Turkey

The most important advantage of using the best food apps alternatives is to easily list restaurants near you and see the options on a single screen. At the same time, these applications can bring the following benefits thanks to their features.

  • Easy Order Process: The applications are fast and convenient to use. Misunderstandings that may occur when ordering by phone can be prevented.
  • Opportunity to Benefit from Campaigns: Each of the user-favorite food apps alternatives offers you the opportunity to benefit from special campaigns for your orders.
  • Ordering Anytime and Anywhere: After installing the application on your mobile phone and adding an address, you can order from the restaurants closest to you wherever you are. Almost all mobile applications also display 24-hour restaurants for you. In this way, you do not have to worry about time.
  • Choosing Extra Ingredients is Easier: Apps direct you to a screen during ordering to add extra ingredients to your food. You can also customize your order by sending a note to the restaurant before proceeding to the payment screen.

In addition to these features, you can add more than one address to the application. You can also name the addresses you add. In this way, you do not need to write your address again and again when ordering from home or office. If you experience any problems with your order, you can contact customer representatives using the live support section of the application.

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