There is a lot of demand for mansions in the Bosphorus

Boğaz’daki yalılara talep çok

There is a lot of demand for mansions in the Bosphorus

Istanbul, which has a special place to envy many cities of the world with its thousands of years of history, stands out with its historical and natural beauties, has a world reputation. Yalı is one of the most valuable elements that make Istanbul different and adds value to the city, which fascinates the seer… The values of the mansions are not measured by the price of square meters in the Bosphorus, where there are a total of 660 leans, 366 of which are historical monuments.

There is movement in the sale of mansions in the Bosphorus Strait. In the last year and a half, 20 mansions have changed hands. About 200 mansions are waiting for their new owners. Due to the movements in exchange rates and the necessity to return to TL in purchases. There have been movements in the sale of mansions. Between March and June 2020, mansions for sale were in demand 10 times higher than in the same period of the previous year. As of May 2021, there was a 4-fold increase in demand compared to April.The total number of mansion sales between 2014 and 2020 was reached in the last 1.5 years alone, and nearly 20 mansions changed hands during

this period. Sales were more seen in Anatolian Citadel, Kandilli, Kanlica and Yeniköy regions. During the pandemic, the demand of domestic buyers increased more in the mansion and mansion apartments with gardens on the Anatolian Side. All recent purchases have been made by domestic buyers.

Nearly 200 mansions are still on sale. And the people who put their mansions up for sale are signing a confidentiality contract to keep their mansion’s name from being heard for sale.

The price of some mansions recently sold in the Bosphorus:

Riyazeci İzzet Bey Mansion – $17 million

Esra Umur Mansion – $10 million

Topl Mansion – $18 million

Sadikoglu Mansion – $35 million

Harem Section of Kibrlı Mansion – $19 million

There is a lot of demand for mansions in the Bosphorus ! You can visit page to search like this news.

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