The priority in Turkey-Iran relations

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The priority in Turkey-Iran relations

The priority in Turkey-Iran relationsstated that the conclusion of the negotiations to expand the Preferential Trade Agreement. Which forms the basis of Turkey-Iran trade relations is the main priority of the two countries.

He attended the Iran Joint Economic Commission (KEK) Meeting via video conference and said there are important opportunities for improving the economic and trade relations between the two countries.

Dönmez, Turkey-Iran 28 Stating that they will encourage the relevant public and private sector. Institutions to implement the decisions taken within the scope of the Kek Meeting. I believe that we will make progress on the issues that play an important role in our economic. And trade relations following the implementation of our goals. which we have set jointly with the memorandum of understanding. Because Turkey-Iran is the 28th president of the United States. The Memorandum of Understanding of the Kek Meeting is the result of productive negotiations carried out by the technical delegations of the two countries.”

Pointing out the importance of the Preferential Trade Agreement. Which forms the basis of trade relations between Turkey and Iran and came into force on January 1, 2015. Dönmez stated that negotiations have been going on for more than 6 years to add new products to this agreement and expand it.

Dönmez stressed that the conclusion of the Turkey-Iran Preferential Trade Agreement expansion negotiations is a key priority for the conclusion of this process in favor of the two countries.


With these projects, the two countries can have a very easy and fast trade flow and the elimination of bureaucratic procedures within the framework of the principle of mutual trust can have a positive effect on our foreign trade volume. He said, adding that they also discussed.  The “Data Exchange Protocol in Electronic Environment” and “Simplified Customs Line Project” and “Mutual Recognition of Authorized Responsible (EEO) Statuses”.

Minister Dönmez noted that an agreement has also been reached between Turkey and Iran on increasing fairs and trade delegations.

“SMEs are businesses that are the engine of the economy for all countries. Cooperation in this area is inevitable in order for the economic relations between Turkey and Iran. Within the scope of our meetin kosgeb and its Iranian counterpart ISIPO agreed to successfully conclude the negotiations of an action plan.”

Stressing that there is a mutual will for the development of cooperation in many fields such as energy. transport, environment, education, agriculture and forestry. Dönmez stated that these cooperations will be developed.

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