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Sarıyer, ساريير, ساریر, 薩勒耶爾, Сарыер

Sarıyer district of Istanbul is one of the most popular regions of the city, located in the northern part of the European side. Istanbul’s Sarıyer district is a large area that includes villages on the European side of the Bosphorus and Rumeli Feneri, from Tarabya, Yeniköy, Emirgan and Rumeli Fortress.

The unique location of this area next to the Bosphorus has made the district one of the best and most expensive tourist areas in Istanbul. In addition, Sarıyer district is one of the safest areas according to earthquakes, it is one of the most luxurious and expensive regions of Turkey, and most of Turkey’s rich and famous people prefer this region.

Living Standards and Diversity

Sarıyer is a large area and has different parts, including the most famous ones, Maslak and Zekeriyaköy district. Maslak District is an investment center in Istanbul full of residential offices and towers with modern and different designs and architecture. This region has a very easy access to an easy transportation network.

Maslak is surrounded by many universities, hospitals, business centers and banks. In addition to its high towers, Maslak district is located at the highest point of Istanbul, so it has a good view. Maslak is a short distance from Taksim Square and Levent district, more than 10 minutes from the Bosphorus and 30 minutes from Istanbul’s third airport.

Unlike Maslak, Zekeriyakoy is a residential area with mostly villa-style complexes. This area is mostly built for luxury living and if you choose the complexes of this area for accommodation, you must have private vehicles because it is not easy to access public transport to all parts of the area.

It is a region overlooking the Belgrade forests, one of the most beautiful parks and touristic places in Istanbul with its beautiful and untouched nature. Belgrad Forests is one of the most famous forest parks in Istanbul and there are special areas for walking as well as picnics.

Transportation Facilities

1. Road Transportation: The district, located in the north of Istanbul, is in a very advantageous position in terms of road transportation. The main arteries of the district include the TEM highway and the E-5 highway. These highways facilitate urban and extra-urban transportation and connect the district with other regions.

2. Public Transportation: Sarıyer also provides services in an integrated manner with Istanbul’s public transportation network. IETT buses cover the district on various routes, supporting both urban and intercity transportation. In addition, M2 Hacıosman metro and T1 Kabataş-Bağcılar tram line are other important public transportation vehicles that facilitate transportation to the region.
For urban transportation information in Istanbul, you can access public transportation information by using the website

3. Sea Transportation: Located on the northern shore of the Bosphorus, the district also offers many opportunities for sea transportation. Ferry services to the Bosphorus from districts such as İstinye and Emirgan in the district make daily transportation easier and offer a nice option for those who want to enjoy the city view. There are also daily flights from the district to Anadolu Kavağı, Rumeli Kavağı, Kadıköy and Beykoz lines. For detailed ferry schedules, you can visit

4. Bicycle and Walking Paths: It offers an ideal environment for cycling and walking enthusiasts with its green areas and coastal areas. The bicycle paths and walking areas along the coastline in the district allow people to have a transportation experience in touch with nature.

5. Traffic Condition: It is an area where traffic congestion may occur, especially during business hours. However, transportation continuity can be ensured thanks to road and public transportation alternatives. Infrastructure works, traffic regulations and effective use of public transportation lines throughout the district help minimize the traffic problem.

It is a region that facilitates both urban and intercity connections with its transportation facilities, and attracts attention with its natural beauties and historical places.

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Educational Opportunities

Educational opportunities in Sarıyer, one of the beautiful districts of Istanbul, are quite diverse and qualified. The district hosts many educational institutions from primary school to university.

1. Primary and Secondary Education: Sarıyer hosts many public and private schools at primary and secondary school levels. While the schools in the district provide education in accordance with the standards of the Ministry of National Education, private schools generally have an educational approach that pays special attention to students.

2. High Schools: There are various public and private high schools in Sarıyer. High schools that provide education in different fields such as science high schools, social sciences high schools, and fine arts high schools offer students a wide range of options. Additionally, private science and Anatolian high schools are among the preferred educational institutions in the district.

3. Vocational and Technical Education: Sarıyer also has various schools for vocational and technical education. In vocational high schools and technical high schools, students are offered education opportunities in various vocational branches.

4. Higher Education: The district also hosts important educational institutions at the university level. Boğaziçi University, located in Sarıyer, is one of the most prestigious universities in Turkey. In addition to Boğaziçi University, there are also various vocational schools and private universities in the district.

5. Language Schools and Private Courses: Sarıyer also has a rich structure in terms of language schools and private courses. There are many private institutions for those who want to study foreign languages or specialize in certain subjects.

Sarıyer is known for having a wide educational infrastructure. These opportunities offer a wide range of education to students living in the district.

Health Facilities

Health services in Sarıyer district of Istanbul are quite developed and diverse. The district is equipped with both public hospitals and private healthcare institutions.

1. State Hospitals: There are several important state hospitals in Sarıyer district. Sarıyer İsmail Akgün State Hospital is one of the important health institutions in the region. This hospital has various outpatient clinics, emergency rooms, intensive care units and operating rooms.

2. Private Hospitals and Medical Centers: Sarıyer also has a rich structure in terms of the private healthcare sector. Many private hospitals, medical centers and polyclinics provide services in the district. These institutions generally provide healthcare services using doctors specialized in various branches and modern medical technology.

3. Health Centers and Family Health Centers: There are also various health centers and family health centers in Sarıyer. These centers provide accessible health care to citizens in the district by providing services such as general health services, family medicine and vaccination programs.

4. Pharmacies: There are many pharmacies in the district. Pharmacies provide services to the public with prescription drugs and health products.

5. Dental Clinics: Dental health services are also quite common in Sarıyer. Dental clinics perform various dental treatments by dentists and dental technicians.

Sarıyer has a wide range of health infrastructure. Both public hospitals and private health institutions provide quality health services to residents of the district. Additionally, these healthcare institutions generally work with the aim of providing patient-oriented and effective treatments using modern technology.

Sarıyer for Real Estate Investment

If you choose the Sarıyer region, especially Sarıyer and Maslak districts, we can offer you a variety of products at different speeds and conditions. Due to the centrality of this region, the creation of modern and luxury complexes, as well as the very high growth of this region in recent years, there are many applicants and therefore the prices of residential and office units in this region are higher than in other regions of Istanbul.

Sarıyer is one of the important and luxurious districts of Istanbul and has various advantages for real estate investment. Here is the evaluation of Sarıyer district in terms of real estate investment:

1. Location and Transportation: Sarıyer is a district located on the northern shore of the Bosphorus. The fact that it is surrounded by the Bosphorus view, forest areas and green landscapes increases the demand for the region. Additionally, Sarıyer’s transportation facilities are quite good. Its proximity to main arteries such as TEM highway and E-5 highway facilitates the connection of the district with other regions.

2. Luxury Housing Projects: Sarıyer is a region rich in luxury housing projects. Luxury houses, villas and residences built in various concepts offer investors a variety of options. These projects, which stand out with their locations overlooking the Bosphorus and adjacent to green areas, generally have high premium potential.

3. High Premium Potential: Since Sarıyer is one of the popular regions of Istanbul, real estate prices are generally high. However, this may offer investors the potential for high premiums. Real estate in the district can gain value over time and provide a profitable return to investors.

4. Touristic and Social Activities: Sarıyer is known for its historical and natural beauties, cafes and restaurants, shopping opportunities and social activities. These features contribute to the district becoming a tourist attraction and therefore increasing the demand for real estate.

5. Diversity of Investment: In addition to residential investment, Sarıyer also has various real estate investment opportunities such as commercial real estate, office areas and shopping centers. This offers a wide range of options that appeal to different investor profiles.

However, as with every real estate investment, it is important to take precautions such as market analysis, budget planning and expert consultancy before investing in Sarıyer. The real estate market can fluctuate, so it’s important to do careful research and evaluate long-term returns.

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