Sales Guide

Real Estate Sales Guide

We wanted to touch on the issues to be considered while selling a house in the Real Estate Sales Guide.

Real Estate Sales Guide Important Information

  • Do your real estate agent market research of the real value of the house
  • Find out if the house is eligible for a mortgage loan.
  • Check out your house clean and well.
  • Enter in detail and at a time when the house concentrates photos
  • Allow the detailed listing of the house to be entered by the realtor.
  • Schedule your real estate agent to display the location at the time of day when your property looks best.
  • Take out your angry pets and find another place while your house is shown.
  • If you are selling a property on a site, obtain the site rules from the site administration.

Real Estate Sales Guide Bidding and Negotiation

  • A buyer’s offer is made by the real estate agent, verbally or in writing.
  • The offer can be considered as part of the price negotiation.
  • In case of multiple offers, you and your real estate agent follow a strategy to get the best price and application from the best buyer.
  • Work with your real estate agent to determine the address that best meets your needs.
  • Once the price and terms are agreed upon, the process ends.

Real Estate Sales Guide Monitoring and Completing the Sale

  • Your real estate agent draws up a residential sales contract for the buyer and seller. In addition, the contract includes the identity information of the buyer and seller, the sales price, the date of sale, the prices and address of the property.
  • Failure to fill the place in the contract after signing the sales contract. Legal remedies are opened to the parties in the court.
    When all is in question, the deed transfer is applied when the necessary documents are completed and the appointment is made from the Land Registry and Cadastre Directorate.


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