2024 Property Tax: Detailed Guide

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2024 Property Tax: Detailed Guide

In this detailed guide, you can find comprehensive information about current Property Tax rates, calculation methods and payment processes for 2024. This Tax is a tax paid by property owners in Turkey and is based on a taxation system based on the value of real estate.

The tax is due to property owners and is usually paid at a certain time of the year. Tax rates and payment processes may change over the years, so this guide includes the most up-to-date information. If you own a property or need more information about Property Tax, this guide will guide you.

Important informations:

  • Property Tax is a tax paid by property owners.
  • You can find the Property Tax rates valid in 2024 in this guide.
  • You can learn the Property Tax calculation methods and steps.
  • You can find detailed information about the payment process in this guide.
  • You can learn about the Property Tax appeal process and how to appeal.

What is Property Tax?

Property Tax is a tax that individuals or institutions that own a property are obliged to pay. In Turkey, this tax is determined according to the value of the real estate and is collected by municipalities. This Tax applies to immovable assets such as houses, land, businesses and other real estate properties.

According to the Real Estate Tax Law No. 1319, the value of the real estate and tax rates are used in calculating the tax. The value of real estate is determined by a valuation system determined by municipalities. The tax rate varies depending on the municipality’s local real estate policies.

Tax is paid annually by individuals or institutions that own property. Payments can be made in 2 installments.

2024 Property Tax Rates

Property Tax rates valid for 2024 are presented below:

Real Estate Type Outside the Metropolitan Municipality Located Within
Dwellings 1 per thousand 2 per thousand
Other Buildings 2 per thousand 4 per thousand
Lands 1 per thousand 2 per thousand
2 per thousand 3 per thousand 6 per thousand

Property Tax rates vary depending on different property types. Rates charged for residential properties are generally lower than for other types of real estate. Tax rates may be higher for land, commercial and industrial properties.

Property Tax Calculation

Property Tax calculation methods for different property types are very important. These methods guide you in determining the property value and calculating the tax amount.

Determination of Property Value

The first step in the calculation process is to determine the value of your property. Value is usually determined by looking at sales prices of similar properties on the real estate market. However, the tax office may apply its own valuation methods if necessary to verify the value of your property.

Calculation of Value Increase Rate

Another factor to consider in the calculation process is the rate of appreciation. This ratio shows how much your property’s value has increased over the year. The rate of appreciation is generally determined based on the performance of the real estate market, market conditions and inflation.


Calculation of Tax Amount

In the final stage of the calculation process, you calculate the amount of tax you will pay on your property. The amount of tax is determined based on factors such as the value of your property and the rate of appreciation. A formula or mathematical calculation method is usually used to calculate the tax amount.


Payment Dates and Options

The processes and methods for tax payments are determined by the Tax Office. Detailed information about the tax payment process is presented below:

Property tax is collected in two stages. The payment deadline for the first installment is May 31, 2024, and the payment period for the second installment ends on November 30, 2024. Taxpayers have the option to pay both installments simultaneously if they wish.

Property Declaration

The first step in the tax payment process is for the property owner to file a property declaration. To carry out this process, it is possible to apply in person to the municipality to which the real estate is affiliated or to use the Land Registry Real Estate Declaration page via e-Government. Additionally, the documents required for real estate declaration are as follows:

  • Photocopy of the homeowner’s identity card
  • Photocopy of residence permit
  • Address and telephone
  • Building permit
  • Real estate notification form (Must be filled out based on land registry records.)

Payment options

Different payment options are offered for Property Tax payments.

If you wish, you can inquire about your tax debt and pay online from this link.


Channels where you can make payments include institutions such as bank branches, online banking, online payment systems and PTT. You can find more information about the payment options and methods determined by the Tax Office through the official website or tax office officials.

Penalty Situations

Penal sanctions are imposed if tax payments are not made within the specified period. If tax debts are not paid within a certain period of time, penalties such as late payment interest and late payment interest may be applied. It is important to pay your tax debts on time to avoid criminal penalties.

You can obtain detailed information and current instructions regarding the tax payment process from the Tax Office’s official website or tax office branches.

Tax Return Submission Dates Payment options Penalty Situations
It starts at certain periods and is completed within a certain period of time. E-government, Bank branches, online banking, online payment systems, PTT late payment interest, late payment interest

Tax Objection Process

The appeals process includes the right of property owners to appeal the tax assessment. If you think there has been an error in the tax assessment or if you think the tax amount has been calculated incorrectly, you can use the appeal process.

To apply for the objection process, you must apply to the relevant tax office with a petition. In your petition, you must state your reason for objection and attach supporting documents. After you submit your objection along with the documents, the tax office will evaluate your objection.

The outcome of your objection will be reviewed and decided by the tax office. If your objection is accepted, the tax assessment will be corrected and the tax amount will be recalculated. If your appeal is rejected, you must continue with the tax payment process.

The Property Tax appeal process provides property owners with the opportunity to correct erroneous assessments and ensure fair taxation. If you wish to appeal your tax assessment, it is important that you follow this process and submit your application with the required documentation.

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