Power of Attorney

vekalet, Power of Attorney, التوكيلات, وکالت نامه, 委托书, Доверенность

What is a Power of Attorney?

A power of attorney is when one person authorizes another person to perform a job or an action. This authorization process is called “power of attorney”. The person giving the power of attorney transfers his/her powers covering the works and periods determined by the document to the person called the proxy. The attorney may act and make contracts on behalf of the attorney under this authority. The person giving the power of attorney is responsible for the actions of the attorney.
In foreign countries, except the power of attorneys issued at the Turkish Consulates The powers of attorney issued must meet the following conditions.

• In the official language of the country where it is arranged and including the photograph of the person concerned. be arranged,

• Convention on Abolishing the Obligation to Certify Foreign Official Documents (The Hague Including “Apostille” annotation in accordance with the contract or issuing the power of attorney be approved by the Turkish Consulate in the country where the notary is located,

• Including authorization for the transaction subject to the request,

• It must be submitted to the land registry office with a notarized Turkish translation. The above-mentioned general conditions of power of attorney issued in foreign countries According to the official who issued the power of attorney in addition to the transportation; power of attorney the photo by the editing authority; with seal or cold stamp or signature or must be approved with a stamp. The issues to be included in the power of attorney containing annotation with apostille;

• The acknowledgment can be placed on the document itself or on a piece of paper to be attached to it. Attestation If the annotation is included in a separate document, it is combined with the certified document. The stamp of the certifying authority must be stamped on the joint.

• The acknowledgment can be written in the official language of the authority that issued it or in a second language. may also be written.

• However, the acknowledgment annotation “Apostille Convention de La HayeDu 5 Octobre 1961” its title must be stated in French.

• The duly filled attestation annotation, the authenticity of the signature, the document in what capacity the signer signed and, if necessary, on the document confirms that the seal or stamp is the same as the original. On the acknowledgment signature, seal or stamp is immune from any form of verification. In addition, the document and the acknowledgment of It should be noted that it should be. Because the document with the acknowledgment Since the signature and seal of the issuing authority has been confirmed, the It is not possible to be certified with the signature and seal in the document.

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