Oludeniz is one of the most popular bays in the world

Ölüdeniz dünyanın en gözde koylarından biri

Oludeniz is one of the most popular bays in the world

According to a well-known legend of Oludeniz, one of the most popular bays in the world, this place is called Oludeniz after the young man who could not be reunited with the girl he loved died in the sea where he threw himself into the waters.

Legend has it that on a stormy day, a father and son’s ship is stormed in front of seven people. The son knows this place because his beloved daughter named Belcekiz lives in this position. His son tells his father that if they approach the rocks, there’s a bay and they can survive the storm, but his father doesn’t believe him and says if they get close to the rocks, the ship will disintegrate and he doesn’t want to go. Meanwhile, there is a turmoil between father and son. Just as the ship hits the rocks, his father pushes his son into the sea and takes the helm of the ship.


Suddenly the sea is like a bedsheet and the father takes refuge in what his son calls a bay. The father saves his ship and his cargo, but he burns to the death of his son. He grieves for days and can’t accept that his son is dead. But he knows that his son will never return. She screams and cries so much that the man’s tears flow through his eyes like a pearl and into the sea. Belcek hears that the man he loves is dead, and he throws himself into the sea to be reunited with the man he loves. According to legend, the bay where the man’s son died is called Oludeniz, and the beach where the girl threw herself into the waters is called Belcekiz.

The name of this town, which has been the subject of many legends, is Fethiye. Fethiye, one of the thirteen districts of Mugla. Is one of the most populated districts. It is one of the most preferred districts of those who want to live a quiet, peaceful life away from the land of the city. Fethiye, which plays an important role in terms of tourism, holds an important place for Lycia, one of the Anatolian civilizations. Fethiye’s old name is “Asri”. It is known that this name, which was given at the time of the Greeks, is derived from the word “Makri” (distant land).


Fethiye was founded in the 19th century. It was home to many Greek citizens over the centuries. During the exchange between Greece and Turkey, this town was transferred to the Turks. Fethi, one of the first pilots of the Ottoman Empire, called this town “Fethiye” in honor of the brain.

The Dead Sea is home to thousands of tourists every year. The beach, which is 3 km in length, was named the Most Beautiful Beach in the World in 2006. With its azure sea and legendary sandy beach, it has become a tradition to paragliding with its always wind. Paragliding, which is especially popular with foreign tourists, gives you an unforgettable moment. This experience, which offers you the opportunity to watch fethiye from a bird’s eye view, also allows for video shooting. We recommend you to experience this experience that will cause unforgettable moments in your life.

Places you can do and visit in Fethiye;

Oludeniz, Butterfly Valley, Belcekiz Beach, Calis Beach, Kayaköy, Saklıkent Canyon, Lycian Way, King’s Cemeteries, Gemiler Island, Lovers Hill, Amphitheatre, Tlos Ancient City, Letoon Temple, Yakapark, Gocek, Tarranci Bay, Aquarium Bay, Paragliding, Diving, Teken Tours, Horse Safari, Trekking, Jeep Safari

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