Natural Gas Reserve

Doğalgaz Rezervi, Natural Gas Reserve

Turkey’s Fatih drilling ship that made the first national deepwater drilling in the Black Sea, Sakarya discovered 320 billion cubic meters of natural gas reserves in Gas Field.

These figures, Turkey’s annual natural gas imports, which amounted to about $ 12 billion to a level that will make a serious brake.

Turkey’s land and sea areas of natural gas production increased to 473.8 million cubic meters by the end of 2019, so far the total amount of gas produced in the country was 16 billion 615 million cubic meters. Some of this production is carried out by TPAO and some by domestic and foreign companies.


Meanwhile, Turkey’s total annual current production of 45 billion cubic m of gas needs, but to meet the 1 percent. 99% of the natural gas need is met through pipelines from Russia, Azerbaijan and Iran, and liquefied natural gas (LNG) imports from the USA, Norway, Qatar, Algeria and various countries. Turkey’s natural gas import bill varies depending on oil prices. This figure was between 10-15 billion dollars in 2015 and after. The land area of ​​Turkey’s remaining gas reserves are estimated to be mainly including 3.3 billion cubic meters. The discovery of 320 billion cubic meters of gas reserves in the Black Sea in Turkey’s total amount of natural gas produced to date has almost 20 times the level.


President Erdogan announced that the area where the discovery was made was called the Sakarya Gas Field. When conducting Sakarya Gas Fields year from 10 billion cubic meters of natural gas production, one of Turkey’s natural gas needs 5 to 32 years it can only be achieved at this point.

HOW TO Extraction ?

In order to start production at the Danube-1 location, it is necessary to first calculate the proven reserve in the field and make production planning, and establish the necessary production facilities and platforms. Meanwhile, new drilling will be made and gas exploration work will continue. There is also a need to install a pipeline to transport the extracted gas to land after production has started on the site.

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