May 19: Remembering Atatürk

May 19: Remembering Atatürk

May 19: Remembering Atatürk in Ankara

May 19: Remembering Atatürk

A may 19 commemoration ceremony was held at The Atatürk Memorial and The Eid of Youth and Sports at Anit Kabir (Atatürk Mausoleum) in Ankara.

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was a military, statesman, writer and founder of the Republic of Turkey. He was a supporter of secularism and nationalism.

In 1923, the last name “Atatürk”, meaning “Father of the Turks”, was given to him by the Turkish parliament. And from then on, it was banned for anyone else to have that last name.

Turkish Minister of Youth and Sports Mohammad Muharram Qassamoglu and his accompanying delegation laid a wreath and paid tribute to the Tomb of Atatürk (Anit Kabir) in Ankara on the occasion of “May 19th, Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day.”

After the tribute, the country’s Minister of Youth and Sports signed the Memorial Office.

In commemoration of this day, he wrote: “Dear Atatürk, we are in your presence with the young people of Ghayurman who represent the survival of the Republic of Turkey on the anniversary of the great national epic.

Butcheroglu went on to say: “We will continue with pride the spirit of independence that you founded 102 years ago. This spirit is the beacon of our way in the ever-increasing progress of our youth. We are determined to preserve our aspirations in protecting the republic, democracy and the rule of law.

He stressed: “Our youth are responsible for the valuable trust you have left a legacy for them and are doing their best to protect it in the sports, scientific and artistic arenas.

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