Kuzguncuk Istanbul

kuzguncuk, كوزجونجوك, کوزگونجوک, 库兹贡库克, Кузгунчук

The neighborhood of Kuzguncuk is one of the more naturally beautifully situation districts in the city, amidst the greenery of the Anatolian shores of the Bosphorus. It features historic homes that go all the way up its main street, with cafes and restaurants that look like they’ve been there since the dawn of time.

“Kuzguncuk” means “little raven” or “barred window of a prison door” in Turkish. The neighborhood historically was a quiet village getaway for wealthy Jewish and Armenian minorities to congregate, and there are still two synagogues located in the neighborhood and over 5 churches. In fact, the first mosque in the neighborhood was built more recently than any of its churches or synagogues, and only dates to around 50 years ago.

The atmosphere is so charming that it’s used often as a film set, so rather than be a viewer come visit and feel the charm for yourself!

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