Kagithane District of Istanbul

,Kağıthane, Kagithane, كاجيثان, کاغذخانه, 卡厄特哈內, Кагитхане

Kagithane, which has a unique place in the dense and historical atmosphere of Istanbul, draws attention as a rapidly developing district in recent years. Kağıthane, which attracts the attention of investors with both its historical texture and modern living opportunities, continues to attract those who want to invest in real estate in Turkey.

Living Standards and Diversity

The district is known for its proximity to Istanbul’s business and shopping centers. The district is located just a few minutes away from important business centers such as Levent and Maslak, where the heart of the business world beats. This increases Kağıthane’s access to the business world, making the daily lives of employees easier.

At the same time, Kağıthane attracts attention with its Green Areas and parks. Especially open-air areas such as Seyrantepe Park and Kağıthane Park offer a perfect escape point for those who want to get away from city life. These parks provide a large and green environment where families and sports lovers can enjoy time.

Kağıthane district of Istanbul is one of the districts located on the European side of Istanbul. Kağıthane district, which means paper house in Persian, used to be a working class area but has now become one of the central and growing regions of Istanbul. One of the reasons for the growth of this region is its local location as one of the central areas of today’s Istanbul.

Currently some parts of the area are still industrialized, because in the not so distant past, when Istanbul was not yet such a large city, this area was considered one of the areas with an industrial fabric and therefore cheap houses. It was built in this area to accommodate low-income people and people working in industrial sectors. However, gradually with the growth of the city of Istanbul, the texture of this region has changed and many industrial units have been moved from this region, and the rest will be moved out of Istanbul from this region by the end of 2023.

Due to the presence of several universities in this area, the face of this region has changed from an industrial zone to a cultural and residential area, in addition, reputable construction companies have started to build large and modern residential complexes in this area and the general change has changed. Modernization has become the face of this region.

Transportation Facilities

The central location of the region and the location of important universities in the region have enabled the public transportation system to completely cover the area. The most important public transportation means is the Istanbul Metro, which passes through this region and provides easy transportation between this region and other parts of Istanbul. Additionally, easy access to Istanbul’s major highways and bus system has ensured that residents of this area do not have to worry about traveling to other parts of Istanbul.

It is located in a location that provides easy access to the main transportation arteries of Istanbul. Integrated into Istanbul’s metro network, Kağıthane stands out with its public transportation facilities. The district offers easy access to business centers and other important points of the city by various means of transportation such as metro, bus and minibus.

In addition, thanks to its proximity to the ring road, it is possible to reach other Istanbul districts quickly and easily from Kağıthane. This offers a great advantage in terms of both business and social life.

For urban transportation information in Istanbul, you can access public transportation information by using the website https://iett.istanbul/.

Kağıthane Harita, Kagithane Map

Educational Opportunities

Kağıthane is a district equipped with various schools and institutions in the field of education. Schools, kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools and high schools in the district offer a variety of options to meet the educational needs of children and young people. Additionally, there are private educational institutions and private teaching institutions in Kağıthane, which provide additional support to students.

Various educational institutions of Kağıthane offer students a quality education with modern education methods and well-equipped classrooms. In addition, activities that support student development, such as participation in cultural events in the district and participation in social responsibility projects, are also organized.

Health Facilities

Kağıthane is also a well-equipped district in terms of health services. There are health institutions such as public hospitals, private hospitals, polyclinics and pharmacies in the district. These health institutions provide services to the public regarding general examinations, emergencies, surgical interventions and other health services.

In addition, health institutions in Kağıthane provide services with modern medical equipment and expert doctor staff. The district also has primary healthcare services such as health centers and family medicine practices.

Residents of the district are in an advantageous position in protecting and improving their general health by providing easy access to health services. This situation makes Kağıthane a preferred region not only in terms of living standards but also in terms of health services.

Kagithane for Real Estate Investment

The district attracts the attention of real estate investors with the urban transformation projects and infrastructure works carried out in recent years. Many housing projects have been implemented in the district and modern houses and residences have risen. This situation increases Kağıthane’s future value increase potential, making it attractive for investors.

In addition, shopping malls, restaurants, cafes and other social venues in the district increase the quality of life and make the region preferable.

According to the statistics given, Kağıthane region is one of the regions that has grown significantly in the past years and housing prices in this region have increased significantly compared to previous years. If you want to buy a property located in the center of Istanbul with good access, you can choose the property in this area. We can offer you a wide range of properties in this area at the best prices. And the most suitable collections, we will offer you the best offers. Just contact us so that our sales consultants can provide you with sufficient information.

As a result, Kağıthane; It is a district of Istanbul that continues to attract those who are considering investing in real estate in Turkey with its job opportunities, transportation advantages, green areas and modern living standards.


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