Istanbul’s 10 Most Land Valued District

İstanbul'un Arsa Değeri En Yüksek 10 İlçesi

Istanbul’s 10 Most Land Valued District

Istanbul’s land value continues to rise. The land value of Istanbul, which was determined as 9.4 trillion in 2018, increased by a record 149 percent to 23.4 trillion liras as of the end of 2020.

With the Land Value of Istanbul research report prepared by Tapu Sor, the total land value of Istanbul increased in both Turkish Lira and dollar terms. The total size of Istanbul was announced as 5,343 km, while the area was declared as 4,543 km by removing sections such as lakes, roads and areas that could not be sold from the calculation.


According to the figures announced, the sales price of all land in 39 districts in Istanbul increased by 149 percent to 23.4 trillion liras by the end of 2020. The figure was calculated as $2.5 trillion in dollar terms in 2018 and increased to $2.7 trillion by the end of 2020.

According to the provinces, the most expensive plots of Istanbul were recorded as Şişli and Beyoglu. The average land square meter price was calculated as 28 thousand 270 liras in Şişli district, which is home to many neighborhoods where property prices are extremely valuable such as Fulya, Teşvikiye, Mecidiyeköy and Halaskargazi.

Istanbul’s 10 Most Land Valued District

Shishli land prices 28 thousand 270 TL

Beyoglu land prices 27 thousand TL

Beshiktas land prices 22 thousand 746 TL

Kadikoy land prices 19 thousand 600 TL

Bakırkoy land prices 18 thousand 400 TL

Zeytinburnu land prices 15 thousand 326 TL

Kayithane land prices 13 thousand 00 TL

Bayrampasha land prices 11 thousand 912 TL

Kuchukchekmeje land prices 11 thousand 575 TL

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