9 Steps to Sell Your House Quickly

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Selling a home can be quick and easy, but you need to follow some steps to manage the process. Here are 9 steps that can help you sell a house quickly and easily:

9 Steps to Sell Your House Quickly

1- Market Research

  • To sell your house quickly, research the real estate market in the area where your home is located.
  • Examine the sales prices of houses with similar features.
  • Objectively evaluate your home’s features and condition.

2- Set the Right Price

  • The first step to sell your house is to accurately determine its value. Do market research and examine the prices of houses with similar features.
  • In order not to wait too long for the sell your house, a fixed price should be determined first.
  • According to the general advice of real estate consultants, price inquiries should be made when selling a house. Market trends of the last 3 months and how long it takes for houses with similar features to be put on sale should be checked.
  • Setting a price that is too high significantly extends the process of selling a home. Therefore, the price should be reasonable. If it doesn’t make sense, many customers will move on to other homes and the sale may never happen.

3-Prepare Your Home for Sale

  • Prepare your home to attract the attention of potential buyers for sell your house.
  • Organize and clean your home to attract potential buyers.
  • Make minor repairs and renovations such as painting if necessary. Small renovations you make in your home will increase your sales price and make it easier for you to sell.
  • Improve the overall appearance of the house by landscaping the garden and outdoor area as well.

4-Take Professional Photos

  • Get high quality and attractive photos taken for your home. A good first impression can help sell your house quickly.
  • Present your home in the best way by taking high-quality and attractive photographs.
  • Contact a professional photographer or someone with experience in real estate photography.

5-Determine Marketing Strategy

Use a variety of channels to market your home. Publish your ads on online sales sites such as sahibinden.com and hepsiemlak.com Consider different methods, such as social media.

6-Work with a Real Estate Consultant

  • Working with a real estate agent is important to sell your house to the right customer base and manage the sales process. One of the most important criteria for selling a house quickly is getting support from a real estate consultant.
  • Manage the sales process by working with a trusted real estate agent.
  • Make sure that your consultant knows the local market well and is experienced.

7-Be Flexible and Understanding

  • Be flexible during the sales process. Try to adapt to buyers’ demands and times.
  • Set up convenient times for buyers who want to view your home and keep appointments on time.
  • Revision the price or terms if necessary, taking into account feedback from potential buyers.
  • Be open to positive and negative feedback and make any necessary improvements to make your home more attractive.

8-Be Open to Negotiation

  • Be flexible during the sales process. Try to adapt to buyers’ demands and times.
  • The strategy applied during the negotiation phase during housing sales transactions should be clear. First of all, it must be clear to the other party that he or she is willing to find common ground with the buyer regarding the negotiation.
  • It is wrong to shy away from compromise during negotiations and quickly accept a buyer’s request for a discount. If negotiations are closed, the buyer evaluates other options and the sale does not proceed.

9-Complete the Sale

  • Once you find a buyer, take the necessary steps to complete the sale. Prepare the contract, negotiate and transfer the house.

By following these steps, you can put your house on the market and sell it successfully in the fastest and easiest way. If you need a professional real estate consultant to sell your home, contact us!

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