Galata Tower one of the symbols of Istanbul was opened to visit

Galata Tower, one of the symbols of Istanbul, was opened to visit

Singer Zeynep Bastık and Uninvited Jazz Band gave a concert at the opening program of the Galata Tower, which was restored within the scope of the “Beyoğlu Cultural Road” project by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Speaking at the ceremony, Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy said that they opened the tower on a special day like October 6, which is determined as the day of Istanbul’s liberation. Pointing out that the previous restoration of the tower was completed in 1967, Ersoy said, “At that time, the tower was classified with a very different function. It had a function mainly for food, drink and entertainment and it did not have a function that is acceptable for today.” said. Pointing out that they, as the ministry, consider the building to be the attraction point of Istanbul, Ersoy continued as follows: “We have restructured the function of the building as a museum, permanent and temporary exhibition areas, and from now on, Galata Tower is not only a center of attraction, but also another valuable center of Istanbul. We have planned the museum inside as a museum that introduces in detail the valuable buildings and points of Istanbul that you can observe when you look from the tower. The history of Istanbul is very old. There is also an exhibition area that shows its arrival until the Republic date. “

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