TRP Turkish Properties

Our company, which offers options such as offices, residences, shops, shopping malls, residential lands, warehouses, logistics centers, commercial lands, residential lands and industrial areas, provides services in cooperation with the accredited real estate offices in its team.

Our company has become one of the favorite stakeholders of foreign investors with its knowledge and experience in the field of real estate services for many years.

As Turkish Properties, we provide professional consultancy services for our investors, away from potential risks, with our expert team.

We do not just guide you to buying and selling property; we carry out all purchasing and rental processes for you, we meet all your needs including property management such as return on investment and resale and rental with first class service understanding.

You are very close to your dream property.

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Our Vision & Mission

As long as we exist in the real estate market, it is our target to provide maximum benefit to our customers and to contribute to the market.

Turkish Properties

We offer consulting services with 25 years of experience. We are here for an excellent experience in buying property in Turkey and rental.


Professional Consulting

With our experienced team, we will save you time, effort and money by finding the best option for the property you are looking for.


Property Management

With us, title deed, residence permit, legal services and property management for all your properties are in safe hands.


After sales services

We are always with you for resale and rental, real estate valuation, legal services and more.

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