Central location of Kağıthane and housing projects

Kağıthane'nin merkezi konumu ve konut projeleri

Central location of Kağıthane and housing projects

The central location of Kağıthane and housing projects. both transformation and other real estate projects. as well as developments in transportation such as metro. Kağıthane and Dolmabahce tunnels. 3rd bridge, 3rd airport, three-storey tube crossing (Grand Istanbul Tunnel) come to the fore.

Kağıthane is a district of Istanbul on the European Side. It is surrounded by Sarıyer in the north, Besiktas in the northeast, Şişli in the east and south. Beyoglu in the southwest and Eyüpsultan in the west. The district has a short coast to the Golden Horn at the end of Kagithane Creek.

The land structure is rugged and consists of streams and valleys. These regions are used as residential areas.


Kağıthane received this name due to the presence of old paper mills in the valley of this with a stream spilled into the Golden Horn in Istanbul. Except for these factories at the time; it is known that there are flour mills and gunpowder houses. and in the flats there are training sites for javelin games and arrow shooting. Today, many residential and office projects are implemented in every neighborhood of the district. Kağıthane, which is already adjacent to the developed regions of the European Side. with Ayazaga-Maslak via Cendere axle-Seyrantepe in the north; with Levent and Şişli in the east. it integrates with Job in the west and Beyoglu-Taksim in the south.

The district is also home to the new building of the Ottoman Archives of the Prime Ministry, private universities and schools.

In the center of Kağıthane are the Little Kemal Children’s Stage and the City Theatres Sadabad Stage, which is part of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. In addition, cultural centers belonging to the district municipality are available.

House prices for sale increased by 0.82% in the last month in the housing market for sale.



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