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Top 4 Food Apps in Turkey

Food Apps alternatives may be the best option to eat with a rich menu when you return home after a busy day, when you do not feel like preparing a meal at home, or when you are working in the office. There are various food apps that bring the flavors of world cuisines to your home and office, with the participation of many restaurants. These applications display restaurant options for you, along with their...

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Istanbul Real Estate Market: Latest Information and Analysis

Istanbul is the largest city and economic center of Turkey. The realty market is also very active in the city and offers new opportunities every day. In this article, you can access the most up-to-date data and analysis about the Istanbul real estate market. Detailed information about realty trends and investment opportunities in every region of Istanbul will be included in this article. Main...

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Top 3 Turkish Taxi App

The 3 Best Turkish Taxi Applications You Can Use in Turkey Taxi applications that make transportation practical provide many advantages. These applications stand out as an effective solution to problems such as not being able to find a taxi in the morning and evening, which are the busiest hours of the day, especially in big cities. The question "What are the taxi types?", which takes passenger...

Türkiye'de Emlak Almak, , العقارات في تركياBuy Real Estate in Turkey, برای خرید ملک در ترکیه, купить недвижимость в Турции

12 Reasons to Buy Real Estate in Turkey

Buy Real Estate in Turkey; The Turkish real estate sector has entered a modernization process since the 2000s and aimed to adapt quickly to innovations. A large part of the goal of attracting foreign investors to the country is realized through the real estate sector. Turkey is a province of foreigners especially because of its geographical location, natural riches, cultural mosaic and many other...

جزئیات اولین پلی که در کانال استانبول ساخته خواهد شد

Canal Istanbul first bridge details

Canal Istanbul first bridge details The first bridge to be built within the scope of the Canal Istanbul project will be connected to the Sazlıdere crossing within the scope of the North Marmara motorway Project Basaksehir – Bahçeşehir Segment. The total length of the first bridge will be 1,618 meters. There will be a 2×4 lane traffic crossing over the bridge. The towers of the bridge, which...

Boğaz’daki yalılara talep çok

There is a lot of demand for mansions in the Bosphorus

There is a lot of demand for mansions in the Bosphorus Istanbul, which has a special place to envy many cities of the world with its thousands of years of history, stands out with its historical and natural beauties, has a world reputation. Yalı is one of the most valuable elements that make Istanbul different and adds value to the city, which fascinates the seer... The values of the mansions are not...

Metro Projects And Rising House Prices

Metro Projects And Rising House Prices

                                                             Metro Projects And Rising House Prices Further increase in housing prices in the European part of Istanbul in Sariyer district 109 budget items. There is also a 53% price increase in the Asian region of Tuzla. In rental housing, Bajilar has grown 114 percent. Prices in Atashir have also increased 47...

İstanbul'un Arsa Değeri En Yüksek 10 İlçesi

Istanbul’s 10 Most Land Valued District

Istanbul's 10 Most Land Valued District Istanbul's land value continues to rise. The land value of Istanbul, which was determined as 9.4 trillion in 2018, increased by a record 149 percent to 23.4 trillion liras as of the end of 2020. With the Land Value of Istanbul research report prepared by Tapu Sor, the total land value of Istanbul increased in both Turkish Lira and dollar terms. The total size of...

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