جزئیات اولین پلی که در کانال استانبول ساخته خواهد شد

Canal Istanbul first bridge details

Canal Istanbul first bridge details The first bridge to be built within the scope of the Canal Istanbul project will be connected to the Sazlıdere crossing within the scope of the North Marmara motorway Project Basaksehir – Bahçeşehir Segment. The total length of the first bridge will be 1,618 meters. There will be a 2×4 lane traffic crossing over the bridge. The towers of the bridge, which...

Metro Projects And Rising House Prices

Metro Projects And Rising House Prices

                                                             Metro Projects And Rising House Prices Further increase in housing prices in the European part of Istanbul in Sariyer district 109 budget items. There is also a 53% price increase in the Asian region of Tuzla. In rental housing, Bajilar has grown 114 percent. Prices in Atashir have also increased 47...

İstanbul'un Arsa Değeri En Yüksek 10 İlçesi

Istanbul’s 10 Most Land Valued District

Istanbul's 10 Most Land Valued District Istanbul's land value continues to rise. The land value of Istanbul, which was determined as 9.4 trillion in 2018, increased by a record 149 percent to 23.4 trillion liras as of the end of 2020. With the Land Value of Istanbul research report prepared by Tapu Sor, the total land value of Istanbul increased in both Turkish Lira and dollar terms. The total size of...

The Hidden Costs of Buying a Home

The Hidden Costs of Buying a Home

The Hidden Costs of Buying a Home There could be a lot of unexpected expenses in this process, which can be challenging for homeowner candidates. Therefore, you can use the In addition to the price of the apartment for sale, you should decide on many different issues such as the year of construction, building material, location and payment options and adjust your budget accordingly. If you are not working...

İstanbulda Güngören ilçesini

Gungoren district in Istanbul

Gungoren district in Istanbul Gill: It is a district of Istanbul. It is located in the western half of the province on çatalca peninsula; It is the smallest district of Turkey in terms of area with an area of 7 square km. Güngören, which was a district on June 3, 1992, is adjacent to Zeytinburnu in the east, Bakırköy in the south and Bahçelievler in the west. There is no rural settlement in the...

,Kağıthane, Kagithane, كاجيثان, کاغذخانه, 卡厄特哈內, Кагитхане

Kagithane District of Istanbul

Kagithane, which has a unique place in the dense and historical atmosphere of Istanbul, draws attention as a rapidly developing district in recent years. Kağıthane, which attracts the attention of investors with both its historical texture and modern living opportunities, continues to attract those who want to invest in real estate in Turkey. Living Standards and Diversity The district is known for its...

Türkiye'de Taşınmaz Edinimi ile İlgili Sık Sorulan Sorular

Frequently Asked Questions about Immovable Purchases by Foreigners in Turkey

Frequently Asked Questions about Immovable Purchases by Foreigners in Turkey and more... 1. How many years have foreigners been able to buy real estate? Foreigners can buy real estate in all periods of power since the Republic, including Ataturk. 2. Have foreign real persons recently purchased real estate? Foreign individuals bought real estate from 1868 to 1914 before the Republic. After the...

vekalet, Power of Attorney, التوكيلات, وکالت نامه, 委托书, Доверенность

Power of Attorney

What is a Power of Attorney? A power of attorney is when one person authorizes another person to perform a job or an action. This authorization process is called “power of attorney”. The person giving the power of attorney transfers his/her powers covering the works and periods determined by the document to the person called the proxy. The attorney may act and make contracts on behalf of the attorney...

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