Camlica Tower: The Tallest in Europe

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Camlica Tower, the Tallest in Europe

Camlica Tower, as one of the symbols of Istanbul, has the title of the tallest tower in Europe. This modern structure symbolizes the city both aesthetically and technologically. Giving a new breath to Istanbul’s skyline, Çamlıca Tower has become a center of attraction for both locals and travelers.

Camlica Tower is a building owned by a great person, not only with the economic ones, but also with the views and technological methods offered. This tower, which can be seen from all over Istanbul, also serves as the city’s television and radio broadcasting centers.

History of Camlica Tower

Construction Process

The construction of Çamlıca Tower started in 2016 and was completed in 2021. This process was supported by modern construction techniques and innovative approaches. The tower stood out as a project that represents the changing face of Istanbul.

Historical Milestones

Every phase of construction was carefully planned and implemented. The tower, which opened its doors to visitors in 2021, has hosted millions of people since then. Turkey’s leading names and international media representatives attended the opening ceremony.

Architectural Features of the Tower

Structural Details

With its height of 587 meters above sea level, it is the tallest structure not only in Istanbul but also in Turkey. It consists of a total of 49 floors, 4 of which are underground.

This tall structure is considered one of the finest examples of modern architecture. The exterior of the tower is decorated with details reflecting the cultural heritage of Istanbul.

Used materials

Durable and environmentally friendly materials were preferred in the construction of the tower. This structure, where steel and concrete are skillfully combined, also provides a perfect balance in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

Construction Technology

The tower was built using state-of-the-art construction techniques. These techniques made the tower resistant to earthquakes and other natural disasters. Additionally, it is equipped with energy efficient systems.

Technical Specifications of the Tower

Height and Dimensions

The total height of the tower is 369 meters, and the antenna part reaches 53 meters. This makes Çamlıca Tower one of the tallest buildings in Europe. The tower has 45 floors and each floor is used for a different purpose.

Broadcast Technology

It serves as the center of Istanbul’s radio and television broadcasts. Thanks to the latest technology broadcasting equipment, quality broadcasts are delivered to every part of the city.

Other Technical Details

Energy efficient systems and environmentally friendly applications were used in the tower. Additionally, there are modern elevator systems and large observation terraces for the convenience of visitors.

Usage Areas of the Tower


It serves as the broadcast center of all radio and television channels in Istanbul. In this way, broadcast quality in the city was increased and environmental impacts were reduced.

Touristic Visits

The tower has also become a major attraction for tourists. It is possible to watch the panoramic view of Istanbul from the observation terraces. This unique view offers unforgettable memories to visitors.

Social Events

Çamlıca Tower hosts various social and cultural events. Exhibitions, conferences and other events are held in the tower and these events attract great attention.

View of Çamlıca Tower

Panoramic Istanbul View: It is possible to see all around Istanbul from the observation terraces of the tower. Magnificent views of the Bosphorus, the historical peninsula and the modern city center provide visitors with unforgettable moments.

Observation Terrace: Observation terraces offer visitors a 360-degree panoramic view. These terraces also create a perfect place for photographers.

Visitor Information

Entry and Ticket Information

Those who want to visit Çamlıca Tower can obtain their entrance tickets online or at the tower entrance. Different ticket options and packages are tailored to visitors’ needs.

While visiting the tower, it is possible to get detailed information about the tower with guided tours. Guides give information about the history of the tower, its architecture and other important details.

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Opening Hours and Visitor Rules

Çamlıca Tower is open to visitors every day of the week. Visiting hours may vary depending on the season. Visitors are required to comply with the rules in the tower and pay attention to security measures.

Transportation and Parking Information

It is very easy to reach Çamlıca Tower. You can easily reach the tower by public transportation and private vehicles. Additionally, there are large parking areas around the tower.


Çamlıca Tower is one of the important symbols of Istanbul and Turkey. With its height, architecture and opportunities, this building has great value not only as a tower but also as a center of culture and technology.

When you come to Istanbul, we definitely recommend you to visit Çamlıca Tower. This unique structure will offer you unforgettable memories and wonderful views.

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