Turkey’s Blue Flag Beaches 2024

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Detailed information about Turkey’s Blue Flag Beaches in 2024. Which provinces have the most blue flag beaches?

Türkiye is a country famous for its natural beauties, and one of the most striking of these beauties is its beaches. Every year, thousands of local and foreign tourists choose to holiday on Turkey’s unique beaches. Among these beaches, those with the “Blue Flag” award stand out with their cleanliness, safety and environmentally friendly features. Read on to discover Turkey’s Blue Flag Beaches in 2024.

What is Blue Flag?

Blue Flag is an international environmental award given to beaches based on various criteria such as environmental management, water quality, safety and services.

Beaches that are awarded the Blue Flag award must comply with certain criteria. These include water quality, environmental education and information, environmental management, beach services and safety measures.

Blue Flag Beaches in Turkey

Türkiye is famous for its Blue Flag award-winning beaches. These beaches are located in four main regions: Aegean, Mediterranean, Marmara and Black Sea. The numbers of blue flags by province are as follows;

Mavi Bayraklı Plajlar

  • Turkey has gained an important place in this field by ranking third in the world in the number of blue flag beaches.
  • Antalya stands out as the city with the most blue flag beaches in Turkey, with 233 beaches.
  • Muğla and Izmir are among the provinces with the highest number of blue flag beaches, with 112 and 64 beaches, respectively.
  • The blue flag covers not only beaches but also other marine tourism facilities such as marinas and yachts.
  • This table highlights the environmental awareness and quality beach services in Turkey’s tourism sector.

This information shows how high Turkey’s tourism potential is and how important environmentally friendly beaches are. In this way, Turkey stands out as an attractive holiday destination for both local and foreign tourists.

Mavi Bayraklı Plajlar

When we examine the table below, we see the distribution of blue flag beaches in Turkey on a provincial basis and the number of other blue flag awards (marina, yacht, tourism boat) as of 2024.

Mavi Bayraklı Plajlar

  • Antalya is the leader with 233 blue flag beaches. It also stands out with 5 marinas and 15 yachts.
  • While Muğla ranks second with 112 beaches, it has a significant number of blue flags with 10 marinas, 5 yachts and 3 tourism boats.
  • Izmir and Balıkesir also stand out with 64 and 49 beaches, respectively. While Izmir has 6 marinas, Balıkesir has 1 marina and 3 yachts.
  • Although other provinces have fewer blue flag beaches, Aydın especially stands out with its 38 beaches.
  • Istanbul is on the list with 4 beaches and 2 marinas.

This table shows how rich Turkey is in terms of blue flag award-winning beaches and the importance it attaches to environmental sustainability and quality standards for tourism. The blue flag represents the cleanliness, safety and compliance of beaches with environmental management criteria. Therefore, the fact that Turkey has so many blue flag beaches makes it an attractive destination for tourists.

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